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JIANGMEN GREENFALL WATER TREATMENT TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD has developed into much more competitive company since establishment in 1996, owned by Mr. Lu Chao Xiong. Mr. Lu Chao Xiong started his business investment in 1985, now totally he has 6 companies, in different fields of business investment, such as all kinds of cabinets (safeguard cabinet and telecommunication cabinet, etc.), GE central air conditioner (ordered and manufactured for General Electric Company of the U.S.A.), tourism equipments, etc. The group totally has more than 1560 staff, factory areas: about 50,000 square meters.

Customers including: Wal-Mart super-market of the U.S.A., Middle East, India, Australia, Canada, Philippine, Spain, China Telecommunications, etc.

JIANGMEN GREENFALL WATER TREATMENT TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD mainly manufactures all kinds of water treatment apparatus, auto water bottling machine, home pure water dispenser, direct pipe drinking water engineering system, one of the largest and oldest manufacturer of water treatment apparatus in China (main products including: RO pure water apparatus, composite beverage package, 3/5 gallons auto bottling machine and many related apparatus). We have contributed much for national and international bottled water market development.

We are high-tech Co., professional in researching, manufacturing and sales in field of RO water treatment apparatus, auto bottling machine, packing plant for mineral water or beverage. We strictly manufacture and manage according to ISO9001:2000 System. Products strictly conform to national standard and World Hygienic Organization's relative standard. We provide best service for our customers, and have been researching, manufacturing qualified products all the time to reach different customers' requirement. To improve people's life is our final purpose.

And we sincerely welcome customers all over the world visit our company, or browse, visit our website. Any requirement, please contact us via E-mail, telephone or fax, we will provide best service for customers.