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3-In-1 packaging machines & US4/18 Conveyor system

Bottle washing, filling, capping line Type 2:XGF series thermal filling, normal temperature filling 3-IN-1 machine main tech. parameters
Model XGF-16-12-6 XGF-20-20-8   XGF-24-32-8
Capacity 3000-5000B/h on basis of 500ml bottle 5000-8000B/h
fixed: 6000B/hon basis of 500ml bottle
fixed: 8000B/h on basis of 500ml bottle
Filling volume 0.35-1.5L
Filling temperature 90, ordinary temperature
Bottle's specification Diameter=50-100mm     Height=170-320 mm
Fillingprecision  98G-102%
Main motorPower 2.2Kw 3Kw 4kw
Water consumption 0.8T/h 1.2T/h 1.5T/h
Outsize 210016002500 mm 260019002500 mm 350025002500 mm
Gross weight 2200Kg 3000Kg 4500Kg
All above equipped with US4/18 conveyor system